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Gabriel Damon's Creativity Journal


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Gabriel Damon
My Personal LiveJournal



This LiveJournal is FRIEND'S ONLY!!!

Before you add me PLEASE read my userinfo and the below posts.

Understand that this is a WRITING journal,NOT a personal journal. If you want to add me at my personal journal then go to


Or Look in my profile.

I'm keeping this LiveJournal Friend's Only becasue I want to control who sees my unpublished manuscripts(I plan to publish in the future),and I certainly don't want someone stealing my hard-but-quite-enjoyed work.

Know that if you add me on your creative journal,I will certainly read and comment on your posts...BUT if you add me on your PERSONAL journal,I MAY read your posts but I WON'T comment on them. Like I said,I'll be more than happy to do that on my personal journal but not here.

If you want me to add you,then tell me:

1. Your name that you usually go by

2. Your age

3. Your gender

4. Whether or not this is a personal LJ or a Creative LJ

5. a picture(optional)

Got it? Okay! Have a nice day! =D

Sincerely Yours,

Gabriel Damon

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